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Concept art and 3D sculpts from Disney Infinity - toys/video game.

Jason kim infinity 06baloo 9 1 15

Baloo toy sculpt I collaborated on with Brad Bolinder (a.k.a. the badass knight)

Jason kim venom
Jason kim mulan

Mulan toy development - LEFT: first pass by Ian Jacobs, MIDDLE: my feedback in Zbrush(tpose), RIGHT: final sculpt by Ian.

Jason kim infinity 17avg captainamerica shield 6 8 2015 copy 1

BOTTOM: WIP Captain America sculpt, TOP: Adjustments I made to strengthen the pose and likeness. Final toy sculpt by Bryan Allen.

Jason kim blackwidow
Jason kim emp bobafett jason copy
Jason kim trn quorra igp2 1

Art direciton notes
Sculpt by: Jeen Li Luh

Jason kim trn quorra tcp wip3

Art direciton notes
Sculpt by: Jeen Li Luh

Jason kim donald wip 12 03 13 copy2

Art direciton notes
Sculpt by: Ian Jacobs

Jason kim boba copy
Jason kim glo buzzshort
Jason kim chibbylineup 011
Jason kim glo pre jason kim 01 blocky1
Jason kim infinitycars1
Jason kim glo mickey01
Jason kim glo joints1
Jason kim pf perry 02 jason
Jason kim glo buzzwoody01
Jason kim glo walleironman1
Jason kim clonewars
Jason kim gameinformer51
Jason kim gameinformer91
Jason kim gameinformer121

character concept / and model
rig by jared monsen/shane lewis
animation by thomas estrada

Jason kim gameinformer81
Jason kim gameinformer71
Jason kim stw vader jason tiedown pose
Jason kim presentationsheet

Some market research I did early on to inform color choices for our toys on Disney Infinity 1

Jason kim glo magnets
Jason kim mickey poses ortho 02jason
Jason kim fr anna poses